About Us

Our Mission:

Bare Athletics strives to motivate, coach, while ethically holding clients accountable, by focusing on on concepts that target consistent and sustainable progression.


Our Story:

Bare Athletics was born out of necessity, that necessity revolved around the need for ethical coaching. If you take a look around the fitness/wellness industry you'll quickly find yourself confronted with figure heads saying phrases like, "No Days Off" and "Never Miss a Workout", without the follow up of teaching you how to get there. Not everyone wakes up and instantly has athletic capabilities, they are built over time.

We recognize the validity in both statements and look to break the stigma that you need to be in the gym every day in order to achieve the body and more importantly the feeling that you are looking for. Our belief is that if we can develop a client to focus on consistent progression through training with an "Athletes Mindset" we can ultimately have our clients associate positive connections with the industry and more importantly with themselves.

 Our Practice:

At a young age many of us lose our biggest supporters, our coaches, our teachers, and our mentors, even our parents become what seems to be our peers. We look to provide those things by providing a structured, practiced, and tried approach to your own personal development. As much as the gym focuses on your physical development, our coaching staff strives to help you connect the other mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of training and progression to help cement these concepts into your routine. We will not tolerate nor will we allow you to tolerate being what we call a "Dumb Athlete". You will learn to take ownership in your own health and wellness, you will leave with tools and a skillset to be able to self correct and re-center yourself. Most importantly, you will learn what it feels like to become a True Athlete, with a mind for progression.